Is this Peace?

When we fell out of the dream and on to my bed, Lisa and I were both stunned.  I could hear Lisa sobbing and repeating over and over.  “She’s gone, she’s really gone. My sister.”  I was a bit out of it, because all I could do was sing, “she ain’t heavy, she’s my sister, la,la,la”   I started to laugh because Lisa’s weight on top of me was killing me.

Suddenly her weight was gone and I was asleep.
I was dreaming!  Here I was out in the desert. Geesh!  You’d think after what I went through I would rate a grassy knoll at least.  I realized the scenery had changed and I was indeed on a grassy knoll. I was sitting on it.  O.k so far this was good. Knowing from experience I just needed to wait, I sat and relaxed.

I was almost asleep. Ha,ha! Asleep in my own dream. I woke up when I became aware of a presence next to me. I look over and The “man” sat next to me smiling at me. He had kind brown eyes and a lovely smile. His long brown hair was shiny and smelled good, but I couldn’t quite name the scent.

I became aware I must have been staring at him. I could feel a blush rising on my cheeks and I cast my eyes downward to his feet. They were encased in worn sandals. They were brown as his handsome face. His garment was white. I tried not to look directly at him, but I couldn’t help it. Gently he put his hand over mine. I was fidgeting. His hand felt calloused.

“Dearest one. I am sorry you have been put through so much fear. I want to thank you for helping rid the world of evil. I am sorry that dearest Lisa had to experience the evil of possession, especially by her own sister. I want you to know that the soul named Pam will rest for eternity in peace. She was a troubled soul and the evil took advantage and possessed her.”

“It will take eternity to heal her. She is where she should be” During his speech I was tracing the calouses on his hand when I realized they weren’t calouses at all. They were round deep scars. Oh my gosh! These were scars of the nails hammered into his hands on the cross. I looked up at his beautiful worn face with surprise.

“Am I dead? Have you come for me? I don’t know how this works. I just realized who you are. Sorry, I am kind of nervous.” Now he looked surprised. “We have met in the wilderness and the desert before, my child. Do you just now know me? I value our conversations. You are not dead” with this statement, he laughed a long deep laugh that brought laughter from my throat!

I believe my face was red. He smiled his beautiful smile and the sun lit up in the sky! It was never over cast where he was. “I enjoy our talks, my child, you assist my angels and I wanted to reassure you that all is well. You will live to see your children grow, marry, and have children of their own.”

“Thank you father.” He smiled that beautiful smile that lit up his face and the universe. “I believe you have stated that you want peace to watch your children grow. Peace is yours for a time still to be determined. Go to your bed, my child, and rest.” He looked at me with those amazing eyes and I woke up in my bed.

I yawned and stretched and felt so well rested. Hmm, I was dreaming. Must have been a lovely dream. I remembered the beautiful deep brown eyes of “The man.” I smiled. The memory filled me with love and peace.  I got up to start my day.  

The years passed quickly and there were times when I thought about my angels. That is the way I always thought of them. I had to admit that I missed them at times. Tip with his put upon Irish brogue and Ariel with her beauty and sweetness, just don’t make her mad.

Melissa was in 8th grade and doing well in school. It wasn’t easy. She had to work hard to get good grades. She was like me. She studied hard and did her homework.

Michael was in 5th grade and was really smart.  He took after Frank. He enjoyed playing chess with his dad. Beat him most of the time. 

I was bored. Kids didn’t need me as much.  I was just hanging around with some friends. I thought a lot about Ariel and Tip. I laid down for a nap.  (Sigh)

I was dreaming!!  I was standing on a mountain top and the wind was blowing, more like gusting. The sky was filled with dark angry clouds. Thunder rumbled, and lightning flashed. Oh boy!  I was scared!  I was terrified!  Lightning struck the side of the mountain repeatedly and rain began to pour in buckets. Welcome to my nightmare!

I admit I was bored, but no way did I ask for this.  I thought that I had been here before. It was a horrible experience then and it was  worse now.  The wind was so strong it was blowing me off my precarious perch. I threw myself to the ground and grabbed some weeds growing out of the ground. I heard laughter. Deep, wild and all around me. Sounded like it was through me and trying to tear me apart. 

Aaaaaaaa!  I was screaming as the wind picked me  up effortlessly and I was flying through the air. The wind took my breath away!  I couldn’t breathe and I was paralyzed with fear. The man told me I would live to see my children grow up. I believed him then, but I was having trouble believing now. 

I closed my eyes and began to pray.  The wind was dying down and I was moving in slow spirals around and around.  I could breathe again but when I opened my eyes all I could see was space all around me.   Lord, please help me. 

I was floating.  The air was calm and breezy. I didn’t know what was happening to me.   “Lassie, is this what you’ve come to since we’ve been together last?”  “Tip! Tip!  Is that you?  “Aye Lassie, who were you expecting?”    “Tip, please help me get on solid ground.  Please!!”   I was still floating around lazily turning over and over. 

I was feeling a bit nauseous from turning circles in the air. “Are you saying you are ready to descend to solid ground now?”   “Yes!  Yes! Please help me!”  Tip looked  kind of puzzled. “Now lassie, be sure. It’s so relaxing here in the breeze.”

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!”  I was screaming as loud and long as I could.  “Lassie!  Please stop making that noise!  Me poor old ears can’t stand it!”    “Tip, I’m ready to wake up now please!!” I woke with a start in my own bed.  I grabbed onto the mattress as hard as I could. I kept my  eyes closed until the world stopped spinning. 

I opened my eyes to find Tip sitting on the edge of the bed staring at me.  “Are you o.k now lassie?”   Tip was looking at me with concern. Anu was standing next to my bed looking at me with a question on her beautiful sweet face.  “I’m o.k  Anu. I don’t know what that whole dream was about.”

“I believe your vacation is over and it’s time to get back to work”  Tip smiled as he said this.  “What!!??  The man said I deserve a rest. As long as I need.”   “This is true lassie. Although I believe he said “until a time to be determined”   “what are you saying here Tip?  My vacation is over?”  “Yes, lassie, you are needed and our Father is asking for your help.”

“Our father.”  These two words gave me pause. I tended to think of him as a friend.  I know. I know. Whenever I see him and talk to him, it’s very obvious who he is, even to me.  I’m just going to say I don’t have the best view of a father.  “The man” was very special to me.

“O.k  Tip.  You got me. I will do whatever “Our Father, wants from me.”  Tip looked lost in thouht.  “Tip? Earth to Tip!  Come in Tip!”    Tip looked at me seriously. “Aye lassie, this is not a funning matter. It’s very serious.”  ” Well, why don’t you tell me what is the matter and why do you need my help?”

Tip sighed.  “Do you remember Lisa?  Evil Pam’s sister, who Pam possessed until  she was banished?”  ” How could I forget, she almost squashed me when we came down from that dream. Is she alright?  Is Pam loose?”  I felt a chill up and down my spine as I uttered those awful words.

“No lassie, Pam is not loose, but Lisa is exhibiting all the same symptoms and abilities as Pam did. Possibly because they were Twins.”  Ariel is very worried that evil worked it’s way into Lisa.”   “Oh no!  How is that possible?  The man said Pam is gone, for eternity.”     

“That’s true, lassie, but if a spot of evil was left in Lisa and has been growing these past few years, then Lisa wouldn’t know about it until it was too late.”     “Tip, how could lisa not know? Didn’t she feel different?”.    “No, lassie. Evil is insidious.  It grows slowly and takes people over quietly until before you know it,  it has a hold on you.”

I shivered.  How much worse could it be? Then I realized what a silly question that was. I had first hand knowledge of how bad it could get.  “Lassie?  Did you hear that?”   I heard it!  The same crazed laughter that I heard in my dream  while I was being buffeted about by the winds of change.  I shivered again.

The laughter grew louder and crazier by the minute. Then it started moaning.   “Noooooooo!   Help Me!  Help me!”

Oh boy!  Tip looked at me seriously and said..” vacations over lassie.”    I sighed and agreed while the laughter boomed around us.

Here we go again.

Kitties Korner………Hi this is Jason. Mom said I should be the kitty to say hi.  So Hi!!   My best friend and brother, Toby Lee left to go to the place where kitties dream and stay with the one that made us all.  Mom calls us angels and said God calls us because he needs us to help him be God.  Toby comes to visit me sometimes. Not often enough and I know mom misses him. I do too.  

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Evil is as evil does.

I thought over what Tip said about dissolving Pam’s soul. He didn’t answer me when I asked if it would affect Lisa. I hoped not.  I felt really sad. I know there is no Hell with a red devil with a tail and pitchfork, but I have learned there is evil. God gave humans free choice. I don’t know why anyone would choose evil but that isn’t for me to know. Still, I shivered.

Oh boy, here I am preaching when there is work to be done. With the cleaning all done, I played with the kids for awhile, and then put them both down for a nap. Melissa protesting that she was too old for a nap. I gave her the animal story book to look at and she was asleep within minutes. My beautiful love. So strong willed. I pray it serves her well in her life.

Frank came home in a good mood. Even with leftovers, he was laughing and teasing the kids. They loved their daddy and he was good to them and he loved them too. Turned out he got a really nice raise. This news put me in a good mood too. We all had a nice family evening. Sunny adored Frank and Frank thought Sunny was the funniest puppy he ever saw.

“How in the world do all these animals find you? I’ve often wondered about it. Seems like every time I turn around we have a new cat and now a puppy. You get them to do the most amazing things. They are well behaved, don’t make messes and love the kids. Makes me wonder if you have some special power over them.”

He shook his head laughing and got on the floor playing with the kids and Sunny. I shook my head and for a minute in time my mind blanked. Good grief! He was in complete denial. Oh well, as long as he’s not angry about it. Denial works for me. I finally realized that Frank, the kids and Sunny hadn’t moved for at least a minute. They were still on the floor, frozen in a bizarre tableaux. I slowly became aware that I wasn’t alone on the couch.

I turned to look at the being on the couch beside me. It was Nara, the watcher from the space ship. She smiled at me. “Ah yes, You have a lovely family”. “Thank you! To what do I owe this honor?” She laughed a high pitched trilling laugh. Whoa! Hope it didn’t break any light bulbs. “I am checking in to see how you are.” She smiled again, but her smile didn’t reach her eyes. “I’m fine, but seriously, why are you here? Aren’t you supposed to be watching from your ship? Hence the name Watchers?”

Mara laughed her trilling laugh again. Oh boy, that must be the way her species thought humans laughed. Ear shattering. I felt a tickling in my ear like breathing, then Magic’s voice whispering in my ear, “Mama, that lady’s not who she says she is. She’s evil. I called Ariel!” Uh oh! I looked down at Frank, my children and puppy with his ear flaps up. Then I looked over at “Nara” with fear that I was trying to hide. She smirked at me. Then just for an instant Pam’s face flickered on top of Nara’s, then it was gone.

I smiled nonchalantly, at least I hoped so. Silently I begged Ariel to hurry. “Nara” laughed again. Not as shrill this time. Pam’s face was superimposed on Nara’s. She smiled. “Oh love, you don’t know what you are dealing with. It would be best for you and your lovely family if you stay in your bed and forget dream walking tonight.” This was said in a deep voice. The voice of evil or doom? Hmm! She disappeared just as Ariel popped into the room and Magic was clinging to my shoulder shivering.

“Ariel!! I am so happy to see you!” Ariel had a strange look on her face that I had never seen before. Could it be anger? An angry angel? I have never seen Ariel angry and it was a fearsome sight! Oh boy! I must have looked either shocked or afraid because Ariel’s face lightened up and she laughed. Ariel’s laugh was beautiful. The tinkling of bells. Made me smile and just know everything was going to turn out well. “Whew! You scared me for a minute Ariel.”

“I’m sorry, my dear, but it makes me angry to think about evil threatening one of my dearest charges. I will not rest until this evil entity is dealt with!” I stared at Ariel! Strong words from this Angel! I was impressed! ” Thank you Ariel!” She smiled her sweet smile squeezed my hands and disappeared.
At the same time the frozen tableau on the floor came to life. I was happy to hear my children laughing and Sunny’s excited playful yips echoing through the room. Suddenly they all collapsed in a tired happy heap on the floor. Frank got up with Michael clinging to his back and Melissa to his leg. Sunny ran out of the room to the water bowl in the kitchen. I was laughing.

Frank was laughing too. “Whoa, this is the roughest bunch of wranglers I ever saw. Couldn’t put anything over on them. I give up!” Frank put Michael down and pried Melissa off his leg. Still laughing he plopped down next to me on the couch. Michael climbed into his lap, and Melissa laid on the floor. “I reckon I’d better get this tired bunch of wranglers in bed. They are worn out.”

I got the kids ready for bed. Michael was asleep before I put him in his bed. Melissa asked for a story, but she was asleep before I even started. I looked at my sleeping children and love rose up in me and I knew I would protect them with my life. Sunny had climbed into his bed and was sound asleep. Pearl was curled up next to him. In the living room Frank was asleep also. I turned out the lights and went to bed.

I was sitting up in bed when Tip popped in. “Aye lassie, I feel your fear. No need to be afraid. Ariel and I will protect you.”
“Why do you need me Tip? You’re right, I am afraid!” “Lassie, Ariel and I will confront the evil that is Pam with a ritual used to banish evil. As angels, or heavenly hosts, we are unable to touch evil or a vessel where evil has been.”

“Ariel and I will confront Pam/lisa and transfix
her. When we do this I will give you a signal and you will reach out and grab Lisa with your arms all the way around her. Hold on to her like your life depends on it. Your life is safe don’t worry, but Lisa’s life and soul does depend on you holding on and not letting go of her no matter what you hear or feel. Close your eyes and keep them closed.”

Oh my gosh!! I was shaking and terrified. “I have a question Tip? Why do I always get to do the scary, dangerous stuff?” “Lassie, I told you it’s not dangerous. Ariel and I trust you. You are one of the few humans who can say you are trusted by Angels. We will not let anything happen to you. I will pop in to get you when it’s time.” Here’s hoping time slows down.

I was dozing off when I felt like I was being pulled upward onto a soft fluffy cloud. Hmmm! I woke up with Tips arms around me and his wings around us both. He whispered, “trying to sneak up on Pam. She is in the dream time because Ariel pulled her in and has started the ritual to separate the evil that Pam has become from Lisa’s body and soul”

“Remember Lassie, when I give the signal grab Lisa around the waist and close your eyes and pull with all your might. Hold tight to Lisa and do not listen to any thing. It will all be trickery by the evil one.” “When will I know it’s over Tip?” “Aye, lassie you will know. Don’t forget to hang on tight and keep your eyes closed”

I was terrified. My heart was beating like a drum. I looked around Tip and saw Ariel as I’d never seen her before. She was at least ten feet tall, her eyes were blazing blue ice, her. Hair was long and wild! She held a scepter in one hand a gold cup with black smoke coming out of it in the other hand. Oh no! I started praying and then I saw Lisa/Pam.

She was crawling along the ground laughing maniacally! Her eyes were black and there was a black fluid pouring from her mouth. She stood and when she did, Tip pushed me and then he went to join Ariel! I sidled over to lisa/Pam hoping she wouldn’t see me. I started praying again.. I was terrified. Lisa/Pam turned and looked at me and her red eyes turned black and she howled. Lord please get me and Lisa out of this. I really did think I was going to faint.

The black smoke from the gold cup began to envelop lisa/Pam. She howled louder and Tip waved at me frantically. Oh boy. Pay attention woman. If this was transfixed, it has a different meaning to the Angels than it does to me. I reached out and grabbed Lisa with all my strength. I held
on to her while I was sure my arms were going to snap. I clasped my hands together and closed my eyes. I kept them closed even when I thought I was holding on to something that writhed like a snake. Oh no no, don’t think! Don’t think at all.

The howling began again and then short static yip! Yip! Yip! Something bit me on the arm. A hand with, what felt like talons tried to pry my arms loose. I could feel blood running down my arms, my strength was going fast. Suddenly everything got quiet. Lisa stopped struggling and I could hear her crying. We fell backward. I opened my eyes as we landed on my bed. Lisa was sobbing and she turned around and threw her arms around me.

She was shaking and so was I. She looked at me and said, “she’s gone! She’s finally gone! Thank God!” I laughed and said, “Yes, and thank two very determined Angels!”

“Is this Peace?”

The Kitties Korner.

I am Tabitha Abigail. Mom calls me her Diva Princess. I don’t know why. Could be because she claims I’m really spoiled. I’m 17 years young. Black, shiny and beautiful. Why shouldn’t I be spoiled? There is a large handsome black boy that lives in the other part of the house. He has two girlfriends. Says he wants to add me to his harem. Ha,ha,ha! Lovely boy, there is no harem with Tabby. I am the only girl you will ever want! Purrrr!

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are you who you are supposed to be?

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Are you who you are supposed to be?

Well now, I was just plain spooked!  Clemmie came running into the room,  “did you hear that laughter mama? Sounded like an evil spirit! Are we back in Salem?”  “No sweetie, we are still home”  a shivering Sunny ran into the room next. He jumped into my lap. “Mama, who’s laughing? It’s scaring us.” “I don’t know honey. I haven’t seen anyone around.”

I distracted the kitties and Sunny. They were all upset by the laughter. Melissa and Michael heard it too. I couldn’t seem to get in touch with Tip or Ariel. Thankfully the laughter stopped. We made it through the day. I took the kids shopping for our upcoming luncheon.. we stopped at McDonald’s for lunch. Happy meals all around.  I didn’t like their burgers, but I loved their fries.

Everyone had a nap at home, except me.   I was disturbed and upset.  Crazy laughter and no Tip or Ariel.   The phone rang, and I had a funny feeling before I answered it, but answer it I did.  First came the laughter, then a hollow voice.  “You can’t get rid of me, you know. I’ll always be watching you.”   A dial tone sounded in my ear.  Either I was crazy or that was Pam’s voice. Lisa didn’t sound much like Pam.

I dialed Lisa’s number. I was feeling a little numb.  She answered on the eighth ring.  I thought everyone had an answering machine.  Guess not. “Hello! What do you want?” “Hi Lisa, this is Patt. I just wanted to let you know that we have decided on lasagna, salad, and ice tea for the luncheon. You are still coming aren’t you?” “Hi Patt. Of course, I’m still coming! I can’t wait to meet you all. I’m a pretty good baker, how about if I bake a couple loaves of crusty French bread?”

“French bread sounds awesome! Can’t wait!” We hung up and I finished my house work. I thought about Pam and Lisa. They looked exactly alike except for hair color. Lisa had a volatile temper. Pam’s wasn’t as bad. I was speaking of dream experience. I cleaned the house until it sparkled, and the day of the luncheon finally arrived. I couldn’t wait to meet Lisa in person.

I got the kids dressed up really nice. Judi arrived early. Jenny was as cute as she could be. She was wearing an adorable pink dress, ankle socks and black patent leather Mary Jane’s. She ran up to me and said, “Auntie Patt , do you like my new shoes?” “Oh honey, they are beautiful, just like you!” With a big smile on her face she ran off to find Melissa and Michael. She was a real sweet heart.

Linda came in next with her little Olivia. She was adorable in blue which set off her dark hair and eyes. All the kitties were excited. Anu said they didn’t know why, just that everyone was dressed up and the kitchen smelled delicious. Linda set the table. I baked hot dogs for the kids. Baked for about 15 minutes and cheese added for a few more minutes with toasted buns made a delicious dish for the kiddies.

I paired up some salad and baked beans and juice for the little ones. I set up their table and gave the kitties a snack. Sunny got part of a hot dog. Michael would eat in his high chair at the table. He was getting too big for the high chair. He was growing and changing from baby to little boy. I sighed. There was a loud knock on the door. With a big welcoming smile on my face, I opened the door.

My smile vanished as I stared at the dark haired woman standing there balancing several shopping bags in her arms. “Well hello! Come on in!” I plastered that big welcoming smile back on my face as I stepped aside and gestured for the woman to enter. ” Hi you must be Patt! You look just like Pam described you!” “I wish I could say the same! Um, I mean You must be Lisa! Come in and meet Linda and Judi!”

Lisa didn’t look anything at all like Pam. This Lisa was short, heavy, had black hair, green eyes and wore black cats eye glasses. Where was the Lisa in her dream that looked exactly like Pam except for the hair? Oh boy! I was totally confused. Linda and Judi were giving me questioning looks as they welcomed a beaming Lisa to our luncheon! “That bread smells wonderful! Thank you so much for baking it.”

Lisa had brought 4 loaves of French bread. Long and crusty on the outside and soft and delicious on the inside. She brought real butter to go on the bread. I was in heaven! I loved fresh baked bread of any kind. I had baked braided Italian bread and it was amazing. A lot of work thought.

Linda and Judi put all the food on the table and I took a plate of bread with butter into the girls and I introduced Lisa to them. Melissa was staring at Lisa with a strange look on her face. I wanted desperately to know what she was picking up from Lisa’s thoughts. Lisa smiled at the girls, then turned to Melissa and with a smile, said. ” You have the most beautiful blonde hair and blue eyes.” Melissa replied, “thank you, they are mine.” That was a strange thing to say, even for Melissa. I didn’t like this. I steered Lisa back to the kitchen and away from my daughter.

As we walked back to the kitchen, I turned to look at Lisa and I saw Pam’s face. Blue eyes, beautiful complexion and a big smile! What!? “Pam, is that you?” “What are you talking about? My sister is dead! Remember?” Lisa was back to herself, and looking at me with a wary expression on her face. “Huh? I’m sorry! Guess I was seeing things.” I looked back again, just to be sure she was still Lisa.

Lisa’s expression softened. “That’s ok. I understand. I see her every where I look. I didn’t realize the two of you were so close.” ” We had our babies at the same time and we were in the same room. She came to one of our luncheons and we dream walked together.” Lisa was looking at me with the expression that said, this woman is crazy.

“I’m sorry, I thought I told you Pam did not give birth. She told me she met you at the hospital after you gave birth. Pam was a wonderful pediatric nurse. You two hit it off and you invited her to one of these delicious luncheons.” Lisa’s eyes were shining with unshed tears. I didn’t know what to say. My head was aching and the maniacal laughter started again. Oh no! Not now!

Linda and Judi looked at each other then me and I knew they heard it too. Lisa continued to eat, seemingly unaware. Melissa, Olivia, and Jenny ran into the room followed by most of the kitties and Sunny in the lead. Sunny jumped into my lap. “Mama! Mama! Do you hear that laughter? It’s coming from that person over there! Sunny was trembling and he pointed to Lisa with his nose.

Lisa looked up and smiled. She looked like Pam again and she had a vacant look in her blue eyes. Where the heck was Tip when I needed him. I felt a hand on my shoulder and I almost jumped out of my skin. I sneaked a glance at Lisa and she was Lisa again. How could she stand these back and forths? I had the impression that Lisa didn’t know what was going on.

The hand tightened on my shoulder. I looked back and there was Tip motioning with his head for me to follow. No one else seemed to see him. I stood up and asked to be excused. Lame excuse of too much ice tea. I followed Tip into my bedroom and closed the door. “Tip, what’s going on with Lisa, or is she Pam?” Tip sighed. “I’m sorry lassie. That’s Pam masquerading as Lisa.”

“Where have you been Tip? I’ve been calling you.” “Lassie, I was meeting with Ariel and a few others. Pam has caused so many problems that she won’t get another chance.” “What do you mean Tip?” “Pam has invaded her sisters body. She is trying to take it over, and push Lisa out into limbo.” “Omg! Tip! What happened to Pam? I knew she had mental problems, but I didn’t think she was evil.”

“Ariel said when Pam went into the void she was taken over by an evil spirit. Ariel tried to remove the spirit, but it became deeply entrenched in Pam’s soul. Pam escaped and Ariel has been meeting with the higher ups to decide what to do. The unanimous decision was to dissolve Pam’s soul. It’s not a decision that comes lightly, and it causes much sorrow among the angels and God. God weeps for every soul lost.”

“So when this spirit is dissolved, does that mean there will be no more Pam at all? What about Lisa? Will she be ok? She didn’t do anything wrong. She loves her sister and misses her. Do you think Lisa knows Pam is there?” “So many questions lassie! It’s true, there will be no more Pam. Pam’s soul is entwined with the spirit and separating them has not worked at all. The evil has taken Pam’s soul completely. I know it’s hard to accept, but there is no choice.”

Tip looked so upset that I really felt sorry for him. Angels are the guardians and helpers of humans, and to have to do something like dissolve a soul, even an evil spirit is painful. I couldn’t help but cry. Tip looked even more upset. He hated to see me cry. He put his arms around me and patted my back. I was astonished! I felt warmth and love and such a sweetness in Tips embrace. I felt the flutter of angel wings surrounding me. I sighed and relaxed and felt like all was right with the world.

I felt like I was waking up from a lovely dream. I opened my eyes and Tip was gone. There was a sheet of creamy paper and I picked it up to read. Lassie, I need your help with lisa/Pam. Dream walking tonight. What!!! I went back to the table. Judi and Linda were cleaning up. “Where’s Lisa?” Linda said, ” she left. She just got up and walked out without a word.”

I filled them in on lisa/Pam. Linda said what we were all thinking… “oh no! Not again.”

Evil is as evil does….

The Kitties korner….

This is Jason James…I’m the bad boy. He,he,he. Mom says I’m not bad, just mischievous. 🙂 I love my mom,but stuff has been going on around here and I think it is affecting my time out of this room and my treats too. Nina is laughing at me but I’m serious. I want more time out. That’s all I can say. Now I’m going to bite Nina.



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Old enemies, New friends?

Pam had dark hair, but it was definitely her. I  think.   “Pam what are you doing here? Someone named Lisa is supposed to be here.”    “You invaded my dream, and you’re asking me questions!  Pam is my sister and she died last year.   Did that kook in green calling himself an angel send you here?”

I was totally confused!   “Tip?  Yes he did! He’s not a kook! He really is an angel! Tip! Tip where are you?” No Tip! Coward! “I knew your sister briefly! We were roommates in the hospital. We had our babies on the same day!” “So what? Go away and leave me alone!! I don’t want any of your so called “gifts”. She spat the word gifts out. “I don’t want to be “psychic”

“Stay out of my freaking dreams!! Your psychic gifts killed my sister!” Oh boy! She was angry! Wonder if I could ask her to laugh maniacally for me? No? Too much? Too insensitive? Tip got me here but it looked like I was going to have to get myself out now, Lisa had a crazed look in her eye and she was about to take a run at me.

For better or worse I stepped back and out of Lisa’s dream. “Hey you! Get back here! I’m not finished with you!” I’m finished! How could Tip not tell me that Lisa was Pam’s sister, and by the looks of her she was Pam’s twin.

I looked around me. Where was I? It wasn’t black, it was all white! No color at all! Oh no! As soon as I got home, if I got home I was going to give it all up! Psychic gifts! Everything!
I just can’t do this! I tentatively took a step to the side. Great! I didn’t fall into a chasm or off a mountain, so I took another step. I had to fight the desire to run.

“Lassie, lassie where are you? If you are here say something please! This is not the void, but all this white is blinding.” “Tip! Here I am, help me please! Where were you and why didn’t you tell me Lisa was Pam’s twin sister?” Tip sighed, “let’s get out of here first, before we get stuck here and I’ll tell you everything. Take my hand and close your eyes Lassie.”

I closed my eyes and reached out for Tips hand. His hand was cool, but not unpleasant. It was reassuring when his hand closed on mine. I kept my eyes closed even when I felt wind blowing my hair. I was cold and felt the sensation of movement even though I wasn’t walking. ” You can open your eyes now Lassie. You are home.”

I opened my eyes and was so relieved to see the kitchen. I sank down into a chair and let out a sigh of grateful relief. “Tip, where was I? All that whiteness!” Tim sighed! “That is the in between. It’s where you go when you are journeying to the other side. It’s all white because you are not allowed to see the other side until you have departed this life for good.”

“Why didn’t you tell me Lisa was Pam’s twin sister? She’s really angry about Pam’s death. She blames Pam’s psychic abilities.” “I was afraid you wouldn’t help and this woman needs help. She’s really bitter and it’s poisoning her soul.”

“She’s grieving for her sister. Granted her way of grieving is a tad violent and angry, but every body grieves in their own way.” “That’s truth lassie, but I was hoping you would be able to talk to her and help her accept her abilities before she hurts herself or someone else.” “No kidding Sherlock, that chick was seriously gonna take me out.” Tip looked puzzled. I laughed!

“Sorry Tip! What’s the plan now? Shall I call my squad of female psychics and we will don our super psychic colors and save her from herself?” Tip looked totally confused. “I’m sorry for teasing you Tip, but seriously you should have told me everything before you sent me into Lisa’s dream.” “I realize that Lassie. I guess sometimes I take you for granted.” I was shocked! He admitted it!

Tip looked so upset, that I felt bad for teasing him. “Tip, if you know where she lives, maybe it would be better to go to her house and talk to her. I could call and see if she will talk to me. I could take Linda with me. You could babysit the girls. They love you.” Tip looked pleased. He loved the girls and Michael too.

“What are you going to say to her lassie?” “I could tell her how sorry I am about Pam’s passing. I really did like Pam, so hopefully she’ll believe me. I can also tell her that I’m not trying to brow beat her or drag her into anything she doesn’t want. She’s grieving Tip, and if she really doesn’t want to use her gifts, then I’m not going to bother her anymore.”

“I agree, but these gifts she has will benefit not only her, but others too. She is a medical intuitive and can with a lot of practice and training, work at psychic surgery. She has the power to heal with the laying on of her hands. Ariel says there are not a lot of psychics with these gifts. They are natural born gifts, like yours.”

“Tip, that sounds amazing. I will do the best I can.” “Bless you lassie, you are a good person with a kind heart.” Tip popped out. I was tired, so I went back to bed and fell into a thankfully dreamless sleep. Later that day I called Linda and caught her up on what all was going on. Linda suggested that I call Lisa and invite her to lunch at my house. We could invite Judi too, and talk to her when we were having lunch. Hopefully she will agree to come.

Tip had provided me with Lisa’s home address and phone number. I was contemplating the best approach. I decided to play it by ear. Uh huh! I called her number. No answering machine. I was about to hang up when an out of breath voice spoke, ” Hi, I’m sorry, I just came in the door. What can I do for you?” She had a pleasant phone voice.

“Hello, I am looking for Lisa Morgan?” “That’s me.” “Great! Hi Lisa! I was a friend of your sister Pam’s. She asked me to look you up. We were in the hospital together as room mates when our babies were born. We were just getting to know each other when the tragedy happened.”
Lisa sounded like she was about to cry. “Is your name Patt? “Yes, that’s me.” “Pam told me about you. She really liked you and had a great time at the luncheon at your apartment.”

“I really liked Pam too. I visited her in the hospital, and I miss her. I was wondering if you would like to come to my place for a luncheon next week?” “That would be so nice. We just moved here about a month ago and I haven’t made any friends.” “Two other ladies will be there, and we will all be happy to be your friends. Oh yes, before I forget, are you a vegetarian like Pam?”

“What? Pam wasn’t a vegetarian. Where did you get that idea.” “Pam told me she was a vegetarian, and she was going to raise her daughter, Heather as a vegetarian.” “Ok, didn’t you know that Pam’s baby died at birth?” “Are you serious? I saw her baby, and she was alive.” “No, that’s not possible.. “It is possible because I saw her. Pam and I shared a room because we were both breast feeding our babies. When she passed Paul and his girlfriend took Heather and moved away, I’m pretty sure.”

“I know Paul has a girlfriend, but no baby.” Oh boy! My head hurt and I was confused to say the least. “Anyway, Lisa, I can’t wait to meet you!” “Same here! I’m not a vegetarian, and I don’t have children, although. we are trying.” We set a day and time for the following week and hung up. I sat there for a few minutes trying to wrap my mind around this new information. Was I hallucinating?

Surely not! Oh my gosh! Have I lost my mind? I called Linda and told her what Lisa told me about Pam. “What!? Are you serious? We all know Pam had a baby girl. We saw her and held her. She was beautiful and adorable. Pam brought a vegetarian dish and said she was a vegetarian.” “Oh thank God! I’m not crazy! I really was beginning to doubt my sanity.” “No way girl, you are as sane as I am.”

We agreed on the day the following week, and what we were going to have. I called Judi next and filled her in. “What the heck! Are you sure this is Pam’s sister?” “She looks just like Pam, except Lisa has dark hair. I thought she was Pam’s twin. Wait until you see her.” After I hung up I sat there and thought about what Lisa told me. I called Tip. No answer. Where was angel boy!?

I was hoping the 3 of us together could make sense out of the information Lisa gave. I called for Tip several more times. Still no answer. I was getting a little bit worried. Tip usually came as soon as I called him. Oh well, what could happen to an angel? I got up to prepare dinner and felt a bit dizzy, then I heard it again. That weird maniacal laughter!!

Are you who you are supposed to be?

The Kitties Korner… Mom said it’s my turn. This is Toby Lee. I’m going to be 16 in June. I get to sleep a lot because I have allergies and arthritis. Mom says I have purple bumps in my ears. They are what’s called benign tumors. I’m not sure what that is, just that they make my ears itchy, then mom puts stuff in my ears so they aren’t dry. Nina comes over and sniffs my ears and says I stink. She’s mean. Tabby grooms my head and ears and tells me they taste good. She’s nice. I have two sisters and 4 brothers. I’m going to wait until Nina is asleep and jump on her, hold her down and groom her ears until they’re soggy! Mom is shaking her head, but we’ll see. He,he,he

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Disturbances and dancing.

I was dreaming! I was standing in the middle of a desert! There was white sand as far as I could see in every direction. There was that strange laughter again! It was loud and grating. I turned in circles looking for where it was coming from. I didn’t see anything except the relentless sand all around me as far as my eye could see. The sky was pale blue, no clouds to be seen. I was afraid! Where was I? I started to shout as panic set in, “Help! Is anybody here? Do you hear me? Please help me!!” The laughter grew louder and louder and just when I thought I couldn’t stand it anymore, I woke up in my own bed! Safe! Wasn’t I?

I was happy to be back home. I really did like the porch and stairs on the upstairs apartment, but  I wouldn’t feel safe sitting out there now.  What would stop them from taking me, my cats, Sunny, and my kids whenever they wanted to? Then there was that dream!
I wasn’t sure we were safe here either, but it felt a lot safer.

I had really missed all the room and the big kitchen and dining room. There were three bedrooms here too. The kids were happy to be home. Melissa was dancing around, holding on to Michael’s hands. They were spinning around and laughing. I picked Michael up and with Melissa holding on to me we danced and spun around the room and into the bedroom until we fell on the bed laughing.

I screamed! A huge face hung over me! Tip looked down at me and with a frown, said. “Here now Lassie, I’m not that scary now! Am I?” He looked worried. I sighed as I sat up. Children!! “No, you just startled me..Aren’t you supposed to be guardian angel to someone else now? Why are you always here?” I was feeling a little irritated. “Aye, Lassie, I cannot help but have a special place in my heart for you and your wee ones.”

Hmm! When he needed something from me his Irish brogue got so thick I could hardly understand it. “Ok Tip, knock it off! What do you want?” Tip had an innocent look on his face. Oh so transparent! “Lassie, I do not know what you mean!”
“Come on! I know you very well now, Mr. Irish angel with the fake brogue.” “Ok, you got me.” The brogue had mysteriously disappeared. Sounded more Chicago now.   I laughed.  Tip was scowling at me.

“There is a lady that just moved in two doors away from you.  She lives there alone with her son. He’s about four years old I think.  Ariel has been really busy lately, what with these space ships and aliens grabbing our people.”     “What do you mean grabbing your people?” Tip looked at me strangely and said, “lassie, have you forgotten the watchers?” I was beginning to get annoyed!

“Of course I haven’t forgotten the watchers. Even though I’ve been told more than once that they are just observers and won’t hurt anyone, I have been feeling strange since they talked about cleansing planets.” Tip looked unhappy. “Yes. Ariel has been feeling that way too. Their presence has been creating disturbances with everyone they speak with. Most people don’t remember even being on the ship, but people with extras, as they insist on calling you, remember everything.”

“Ariel is in meetings and can’t be disturbed. I am assigned to be Lisa’s guardian angel only she refuses to acknowledge me. She has some psychic abilities and Ariel is wanting me to help her develop them, but I cannot do that if she refuses to see me. I am asking please can you help me with her.”

“Sure, I am willing to help, but how? “Since you are a dream walker, Ariel has given permission for you to enter Lisa’s dream and try to speak with her.” “Wait a minute, isn’t that invasive and won’t her dream kick me out or hurt me?” “No lassie, you will be protected by Ariel. I will be sorting the dream so to speak and you will enter and let her know why you are there.”

“Oh boy! Sounds strange and maybe dangerous for me, but then again I’m a sucker for that fake Irish brogue, so I will try. You promise to protect me. I remember almost being squished in Pam’s dream. I ended up in the void.”
“That’s not going to happen this time. I’m watching.” Melissa and Michael ran back in the room. “Tip!, Melissa squealed at the top of her lungs, come and dance with us!”

Tips face broke out into a huge smile of delight! “Aye, little lassie, I love to dance!” Tip gathered Melissa and Michael both into his arms and began a slow waltz through the house. The waltz picked up speed as they danced through the rooms. Soon Tip and both kids were dancing and floating, the kids were having the time of their life. Before I knew it, Tip grabbed me and the four of us were twirling and whirling through the rooms.

I was getting dizzy and I begged Tip to stop. We all ended up on the couch exhausted! The kitties were running around so excited! Sunny hid but now came out barking. “Ah, he’s a noisy little mite isn’t he? Good watch dog I’ll wager.” Sunny was delighted and swaggered around the room. Clemmie said “Oh good, now he’s all full of himself.” Sunnies tail drooped and he looked dejected.

“Don’t worry, Sunny, with that bark you are a good watch dog now and when you grow up you’ll be great!” Sunny looked happy again. Clemmie seemed to be jealous of Sunny. I picked her up and began to stroke her soft fur. Soon she was purring and forgot all about Sunny. For now. “Tip, have you heard any weird laughter?” “What do you mean, weird?”
“Like maybe an evil dooer has escaped from the depths of hell.”

“Lassie, now how many times must I tell you there is no such thing as Hell. There are dimensions, and people go there to heal, when they are healed they are able to move up to a higher dimension.” “People escape from these lower dimensions, don’t they?” “Very seldom, and if they do escape they are quickly caught and returned. Possibly to a lower dimension, where it’s harder to escape. Lassie, you are worrying about nothing.”

“I don’t know Tip, something doesn’t feel right. It feels off. That laughter is making me very uneasy. I feel off kilter.” “No, no lassie, kilts are for the Scots. Not Irish.” I started to laugh, then seeing the look on his face, I stopped. “Ok, sorry Tip. I really just meant I feel off center. When am I to enter Lisa’s dream? Can I get another dream walker in on this? Judi or Linda?”

“Just you this time, lassie. We don’t want to scare her off. I would like for you to sort of introduce me.” “Tip, you need no introduction, but if that’s what you want.” “I’ve not had this much trouble with anyone before. It’s a bit frustrating.” “I understand. A woman you can’t charm.” I said this with a smile, and Tip blushed.

That night I put the kids and kitties to bed, and took Sunny out for one last bathroom break. I put paper down in the bathroom for him just in case. He settled down in his doggie bed for the night. I lay down in my bed and waited. I was drifting off to sleep, and I heard Tip’s voice. “Ready lassie, I think this is the dream.” I got up and walked into the dream thinking about Lisa, even though we had never met. I stood at the edge of the dream looking around.

Oh no, it can’t be! Here I am back in that desert. I looked around. Did Tip send me to the wrong dream? What was going on here. “Hello there. Why are you in my dream?” “Pam, is that you. How?”

Old enemies, New friends?

The kitties korner….

This is Toby Lee. Mom said it’s my turn. I don’t know why it’s my turn, but it’s o.k. it’s cold today. I don’t like cold. Makes my ears itch and then I sneeze. No birds outside to watch. My back hurts sometimes and mom puts her hands on me and they get real hot and my back is better. I try not to sneeze. If I do, she gives me a nasty tasting pill and then I got to hide under the bed. It’s dusty under the bed and I sneeze again. If I look really sad, she gives me a special treat of cheese. I love cheese. She said I can’t have chocolate because its not good for me. I got to go get warm under mom’s sheet. :mrgreen:

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Is anybody out there?

Tip was still laughing.. “just what is it that you find so funny?” “I’m sorry Lassie, it’s just you aren’t wired the same as many humans, and I wonder what they think about you.” “That’s funny to you? They took me, and my kids were all alone. What if something happened to them? Melissa was up looking for me. She was scared.”

I was glaring at Tip and he stopped laughing. He almost choked, but he did manage to look chagrined. “I don’t think these aliens are here to hurt anyone. I’ve seen some of your tv shows and they seem to make anything or anyone they can’t explain, into frightening and abnormal”

“Tip, I have never really believed in aliens.” Tip gave me an astonished look. “So, you believe in angels, talk to and understand animals and you don’t believe in aliens?” Tip started laughing again and I was afraid he was going to hurt himself.. I could still hear him laughing when he popped out. I yelled at him, ” Glad I’m so amusing to you. ”

Later that night after the kids were asleep, I sat on the steps and gazed up at the night sky. Another clear night. The stars were bright and the moon was full. The blimp made its way lazily across the night sky. Those blinking red lights were distracting. I was determined to stay awake and watch for alien spaceships.

I looked around and astutely surmised that I was no longer on the steps of my back porch. It was quiet, except for a blinking light in front of me, it was also colorless.
Hmmm! I looked around and saw nothing. I seemed to be completely alone. I was sitting in a comfortable chair, so I decided I should probably just wait to see what happens next. Like I had a choice. I heard whimpering coming from under the chair.

I looked down and to my astonishment, I saw a shivering black mass. I sighed. “Sunny, what are you doing under there?” He jumped up into my arms and pushed his head under my arm into my armpit. He was shivering and whimpering. I sighed again. “How did you get here? He sobbed, ” I was sleeping on the step above where you was sitting. I woke up under the chair. Where are we mama?”

Poor baby. I held him in my arms and stroked him to try to calm his fears. Truth was I had plenty of fears of my own. I blinked, because there were several people in the room and none of them looked like little green men. They looked like me or rather like humans. There were three men and one woman.

They were sitting on chairs like mine around a table. I blinked several times..where did that table come from? I seemed to be sitting at the head of the table. They were all smiling. “Who are you? Is this a joke? Am I dreaming? I’m a dream walker so I can probably get out of this dream. You are scaring my dog, he’s just a puppy, a baby! What do you want with me?”

The woman sitting directly across from me smiled and said, “so many questions. We did not mean to bring your puppy up with you. We just want to talk with you.” “I think he was an inadvertent stow away.” I really am puzzled. I thought aliens were little green men or long and tall with big black eyes. The woman laughed. “Yes, we are well acquainted with the aliens in your television shows. However these shows are not truth.” “Please stop reading my thoughts. It freaks me out. It’s bad enough when my five year old daughter does it.”

” we are aware of the special abilities of yourself and your children. This is why we are having an amicable conversation here in this comfortable room. You are not like the people of earth that we have seen so far. You are human with extras.” I could tell English was not her first language, but I sighed and conceded that this was so.

“Why am I here in this room with you? What is it that you want from me?” The woman who was doing all the talking smiled at me again. I was beginning to think this was a little bit of a creepy smile. I wasn’t sure, after all I had never met aliens before. I really wanted to go home. I looked down at Sunny in my lap and he was sound asleep.

“I am Nara, and we are from a planet you never heard of. Our mission is to police the universe, and watch for activities on planets that will bring harm to the universe and other planets as well. We are called the watchers in your language.” ” what happens to planets that are engaging in harmful activities?”

“What happens? If the beings become an immediate threat to other planets and beings, then of course, the planet will be cleansed.” “Cleansed? Do you mean relocated or killed?” “Relocated? No, I’m afraid if the beings of any planet are a danger then they will continue to be a danger. The planet will be cleansed.” “Why are you telling me this?”

“Earth is a young planet. All planets go through the same stages as your children. Infancy, childhood, adulthood, and old age. If your planet makes it through to old age without blowing itself up or being cleansed then this is good for all other planets and their beings. Earth is still in its infancy.”

“I have a few questions. You say you are watching the people on Earth? Why? I believe in God. Are you trying to tell me that there is no God?” “There is a supreme being that is God to many beings and many universes. God created all that is, including us. God made us the watchers because even God cannot be everywhere at once. God appears differently to beings on all planets.”

Oh boy! “I’m still confused as to why I’m sitting here having a conversation with you. What do you want from me?” “Periodically we bring people here to our ship to find out what makes them who they are, or human. We are studying the people of the planets we watch. This is in order to serve you better.”

“We are the guardians of your planet, we would never harm you ” I was a little worried about the cleansing. Just then out of the blue, Sunny woke up. He had burrowed beneath my arm again so his butt was sticking out. “Bark! Bark! Bark! Yap, yap, yap, yap!” All of this from beneath my arm. His little butt going up and down and his short tail whirling around like a propeller. I couldn’t help it, I started laughing!

Nara initially looked frightened, then surprised when she saw it was Sunny. She relaxed and started laughing too. Soon everyone was laughing and Sunny came out from underneath my arm barking and looked frustrated because we were all laughing. Nara looked at me solemnly and said, ” We just want you to know we are here watching. Your planet is growing. There are many like you, who are working to guide your earth in the right direction.

“I would like to go home, my puppy here needs his own bed and my children are alone.” “Yes, you are going home. Your children are fine. You are caretaker to many animals. It’s a wonderful gift.” Nara smiled at me, and I was sitting on my stairs with Sunny who was asleep on the step above me.  I carried Sunny inside and put him gently in his bed.   Anu was watching me solemnly.

“You were with the watchers?” “You know about the watchers Anu?” “I am almost as old as this planet, I was created as a spirit guide to be protector to humans such as you.” I threw my arms around Anu. ” I am so glad you are my spirit guide, my protector and my friend.” I fell asleep to Anu’s purring in my ear, and I knew we were safe. I slept a dreamless sleep.

I didn’t really like this apartment much now, and no matter how benevolent they were, I was still a little afraid of the watchers. To tell the truth I really missed Frank. I loved him, what can I say. I called him at work and invited him to dinner. He said he would be happy to come. Judi babysat the kids and I took Sunny to the vet The vet took blood and urine. To do this he took Sunny to the back. I heard bark, bark, bark. Yap, yap, yap, Yelp!

The vet came back with Sunny. Sunnys ears were back and he jumped into my arms and put his head underneath my arm. The Dr. said he appeared to be healthy and about two months old. He would call with the results of the blood test. “He hurt me mama. I tried to bite him, but I couldn’t.” “I’m sorry honey, I just wanted to be sure you are healthy and not sick.” Sunny looked at me dubiously.

Next stop was the pet store where I bought him a red halter and a leash. I got him a green sweater too. He liked the leash. Ran all over. ” This is good mama. Now I won’t lose you.” I laughed. This puppy was just so cute. I went to the store to pick up food for tonight’s dinner. I also bought wine for me and beer for Frank. I took Sunny in and put him in the cart. He was thrilled. Looking at everything and everyone. People stopped to pet him. He loved the attention.

By the time we got home, Sunny was exhausted. He used the bathroom in the back yard then fell over asleep. I carried him up the stairs and deposited him gently in the new doggie bed I bought him. It had room to grow. I finally got the spaghetti going and the beer in the fridge. The phone rang and it was Linda. She asked if I had any strange experiences lately.

I laughed and asked, “stranger than usual?” That would have to be pretty strange. We were going to meet for lunch at her house the following week and invite Judi too. Frank arrived, and he looked tired and kind of unhappy. Melissa and Michael were thrilled to see him and he perked up a lot with the kids attention. We had a nice dinner and he offered to do the dishes, but I told him I’d do them later.

We sat on the couch and he played with the kids and read them a story at bedtime. I could see they were happier than they had been this whole week. Sunny jumped on Frank’s lap and Frank stroked his fur until he went to sleep. “I see you are still acquiring animals, they seem to be attracted to you.” He was smiling so I knew he wasn’t mad.

He turned to me and with an earnest expression on his face, he said, ” Honey, I really miss you and the kids, and seeing Clemmie next to me watching him he smiled, and I even miss this pack of cats too!” Anu was whispering in my ear and I heard myself saying, “Oh Frank, we all miss you too!”

“Won’t you please come home? I promise I’ll try my best to be better. I love you and the kids. I miss you all so much. The silence is driving me mad. I need the sounds of my family around me. I can’t sleep or eat.” Well, that did it. I melted. I put my arms around him and started to cry. I was happy he wanted us home.

Tip appeared behind Frank and tapped him on the shoulder. Frank ignored it, but I had to laugh. Tip had a mischievous smile on his face and tapped Frank again. Frank sighed, “tell your angel please to stop. I promise I’ll be good.” I laughed and Tip disappeared. Frank stayed with me that night. We were going to move back home. I felt safer. I heard laughter that sounded strange and sent a chill through me.

I snuggled up closer to Frank and went to sleep.
I was dreaming.

Disturbances and dancing…

The Kitties Korner.

Hey, it’s me..Bailey!! Mama said she would think about me having my own blog. She’s shaking her head, but I know what that means. I’m wearing her down. He,he,he.
It’s cold in our room. There’s a thing that sits on the floor, mama calls it a heater. She said it warms up the room, but I don’t trust it. How can it warm the room? Fire warms, right? There’s no fire. It just sits there. My sister Nina laughs at me, so I jump on her and bite her ears and she tries to bite mine. If mama sees us, we pretend we are grooming each other. Uh oh, I guess she knows now. I’m watching that heater in case it tries to hurt me or Nina. Mama shaking her head and laughing. I better stop, she’s laughing harder. Bye for now. Coming soon, Bailey’s blog.

(Mama here, NO!)

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Cats, cats and a dog.

Frank was glaring at me.  I tried to pretend I didn’t hear Melissa.  Melissa kept talking about all the Angels, tall and short that she saw. “You know how much she loves angels. She loves her books and angel doll too.”

Frank didn’t say anything, but his good mood dissipated immediately. He took a beer into the living room. He didn’t say another word to me. This was getting old. I had to walk on egg shells around him. I was really tired of this. I cleaned up the kitchen and settled the kids to play in my room. Clemmie was following me around. She had a worried look on her sweet little face.

“What’s wrong mama? Are you ok? You don’t look good. Did that man hurt you? I’ll go get him!” I laughed, she looked ferocious and I’m sure she would have gone after him too. “Clemmie, it’s nothing for you to worry about. It’s a human problem. You are such a big help to me by taking care of the babies.” Clemmie looked pleased and she blushed. Cats can blush but it’s easier to see on the lighter colored kitties.

Feeling better I finished cleaning up and went to my bedroom and got the kids ready for bed. Sitting in the rocking chair with Michael on my lap and Melissa and all the kitties gathered around me, I read stories out of the animals from Africa book that Frank’s dad, Frank Sr. brought for the kids. The kitties sat in rapt attention, eyes wide and staring. I made animal sounds and Melissa helped. I roared like a lion and Melissa roared too, then Michael roared! Soon we were roaring and the kitties were meowing ferociously and growling.

All of a sudden a loud roar rang out through the room! It was Anu! We all stared at her. “Anu, you scared all of us! Wow, what a ferocious roar!” Anu looked embarrassed, then she looked pleased with herself. We all started laughing. We were having so much fun, but underneath I was feeling pretty sad.

Frank Sr. came by to talk to Frank about something. He asked me why I looked so down. I told him that Frank and I were having trouble. He suggested that Frank and I needed some time apart. The third floor rear apartment was empty it had two bedrooms and a huge back porch. I agreed.

That evening, I talked to Frank and told him what his father had suggested. At first he was angry. I told him it was just two floors up and he could see the kids whenever he wanted within reason. He finally agreed that some time apart might be a good thing for both of us. The kids and I would move in the next weekend. The apartments were all furnished so no worries there.

I packed and moving day came soon enough. Judi and Linda both came to help. Tip popped in when I took a box upstairs. He looked alarmed! “What’s this Lassie? Why are you moving boxes to this apartment? Are you bringing your wee bairnes with you? What about your man, is he coming too?” “That’s a lot of questions Tip! No Frank isn’t moving with us. We just need some time apart. He can party what brains he still has out and I can have some peace.”

Tip looked skeptical, but wisely didn’t comment. He popped out. Melissa was confused. She asked where her daddy was and was he coming later. I tried to explain but confused her more. I went downstairs and asked Frank to come upstairs and say good night to the kids. He was pretty drunk, but made it up the stairs. When he left I was sure he was going to fall down the stairs but he made it safely and I breathed easier.

When the kids were asleep I took a bottle of wine and my glass outside and looked at the sky. Chicago skies are usually not easy to see stars in, but tonight the sky was clear and the stars were visible and beautiful. I was thinking about putting a table and chairs out here to eat at when the weather was nice. I was enjoying the peace and quiet

Looking up at the sky I realized there was a large cluster of red and white lights moving across the sky. I wondered idly if it was a blimp. Goodyear always had a blimp traveling from one place to another. What would it be like to travel in a blimp? Maybe I could get a job driving the blimp. Take the kids and kitties with me. Hmmm! I laughed at myself. “Mom! Mom! Are you awake?” I became aware of Melissa pulling on my arm.

Oh boy! I had fallen asleep out here on the porch steps. It was daylight. Lucky for me that I hadn’t fallen down the stairs. I got up stiffly and took Melissa and my still full wine bottle into the kitchen. “Where were you last night mom? I got up and the kitchen door was open, but you weren’t there.” “I was sitting on the stairs asleep honey.”

Melissa started to cry, surprising me. ” No you weren’t on the stairs. I couldn’t find you and I was so scared. I was going to find daddy, but I was ascared to go downstairs.” She threw her arms around me sobbing. “There was big red lights in the sky. It was coming down for me. I ran inside and hid in the closet.” I comforted Melissa, but I was confused. What big red light? I remembered lights in the sky but that’s all I remembered about last night. Coming down for her?

I got us all ready for the day. I didn’t really like cooking in this small kitchen but it turned out ok. I was unpacking and Melissa helped and the kitties helped. I had the kitchen door open and clemmie and Opal were on the porch exploring. Clemmie came running in, ” Mom! There’s a monster on the stairs and it’s got Opal! Help!” I ran outside frantically to discover Opal playing with a little black puppy!

He was so cute! They were chasing each other all over the porch. I reached down and picked him up. “Ok now, where did you come from and who do you belong with?” He had long black floppy ears and a short tail that never stopped moving. He looked up at me with his black button eyes and I was in love.

“Are you my human? My mom told me to go find my human. Most humans don’t want me, do you?” ” what? Where is your mom? Are you lost?” He looked up at me in astonishment. “You understand me? My mom died. She told me to go find my human to take care of me. My name is sunny.” Tears ran down his little cheeks. Oh, poor little mite.

“Cheer up baby. You have found your human” He looked so relieved. I cuddled him and he gave me sweet little kisses on my nose. “I was really afraid last night. There was a big round thing in the sky and it picks up humans and puts them back. I hid.” He was trembling with fear. “Don’t worry baby, nothing will hurt you now.”

I was a little worried now about those lights in the sky that were picking up humans and putting them back. I took Sunny in the house and gave him some canned and dry cat food. A shopping and vet trip was needed. Sunny started gulping food so fast I was afraid he would choke. I pulled the dish back and he growled at me. I told him not to eat so fast or he would be sick. His little tummy was bulging. He turned around in circles and settled sleepily on the floor.

I deposited him gently in one of the soft cat beds. Anu looked at me and sighed, “I know it is your destiny to rescue the kitties, but dogs are so noisy, bark, bark, bark.” She acted out the barks and sent clemmie into gales of laughter, and the look of alarm on Opals face was priceless as she jumped behind Clemmie.

I started laughing too, and Anu looked puzzled. “Oh Anu, I love you so much!” “I love you too!” Anu still looked puzzled. “Lassie, what is going on here! Anu barking like a half crazed dog!” Tips statement sent me, Clemmie and even Anu into fresh gales of laughter. Tip was starting to look a little half crazed himself.

I was about to explain when “Bark, bark, bark” rang out loud and proud. ” who are you green man?” I didn’t think I could laugh any more. Tip looked insulted. “Green man?” Oh boy! Sunny was sniffing Tip and then he saw Anu. “Aaah! Help! Giant cat! I’ll save you mom!” Sunny ran over to me and jumped in my lap barking fiercely all the time. Clemmie was laughing again and now all the other cats ran out to the back porch and Sunnys presence had to be explained to everyone

I explained to Sunny about Tip being an angel and he chose green clothes because he was Irish, or he wanted to be Irish. Tip asked if he could talk to me alone. I hustled all the cats, Melissa and Sunny inside and I set Michael up in his old playpen. “Ok Tip. What’s happening.” Tip looked confused for a minute then obviously decided to let it go. Uh oh! Must be more serious than I thought.

” lassie, have you felt different since you moved up here?” “I don’t really know, what with Sunnys arrival. I really haven’t had time to think about it. Why do you ask?” “Lassie, do you believe in little beings from outer space?” “Not really Tip, I haven’t actually thought about it.” “The first night you moved here and you were sitting on this porch, did you see lights in the sky? Red ones?” “Yes, and white ones too. I thought it was the Goodyear blimp!” “No it wasn’t the Goodyear blimp. Uh what is the Goodyear blimp?”

“Tip, the Goodyear blimp is a long football shaped, air ship advertising Goodyear tires. Now what are you saying?” Lassie, I have reason to believe you were kidnapped by a ship full of aliens to probe you and find out what you are. They may well have probed more than they should have with you.” Tip started laughing, but hey, I didn’t find that funny at all.

Is anybody out there?

The Kitties Korner…

Hi, this is Leo! Mom wants me to tell everyone how good I am doing now. I still have diabetes, and I still get stuck with needles everyday. I gained weight, and I’m a big handsome guy. I weigh 12 lbs and I’m 12 years old. Just the right age and weight. I have a lady friend. Her name is Josephine and she is a beautiful long haired calico. What a doll. I twitch my whiskers and she swoons. He, he. That’s all I have to say tonight. Bed time.

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Angels and more Angels

I was dreaming… I was in the same place as before. This is Pam’s dream. How did I get here again?  I sat on one of the boulders.  Oof!  Not so comfy now. I was feeling a little bit uncomfortable, and maybe a smidge wary. Looking around. I noticed the clouds were dark and forming angry shapes. A wolf snarling and a scared rabbit. I knew I needed to promptly exit this dream.

I stood up and took a step back. Nothing! Looks like I wasn’t going anywhere yet. The sky darkened and the wind was blowing cold. I looked around for an escape when Pam appeared in front of me. There would be no throwing my arms around her this time. I started to back up as quickly as I could.

Pam smiled at me and I got a chill. This was not the Pam I knew. She was still beautiful, but she looked very much like an evil ice queen. Her beautiful blonde hair was standing on end with ice all through it. Her eyes were blue ice and she looked brittle, as though any touch would break her.

“So Pam, what’s going on? What happened? Last time I saw you, you were really happy that you were going to be Heathers guardian angel. “I’m sorry about the way this has turned out for Heather. I just can’t let the evil woman that stole my husband become Heathers step mother.” She really did sound sorry, sort of, but I wasn’t buying it for a minute. I’ve been called naive but never stupid.

“I’m sorry this whole thing turned out the way it has too, especially for Heather, but there is nothing you can do about it now. You chose not to come back back and fight.”

“What? Are you blaming me? This is all the fault of Paul and his hussy. It’s your fault too!” “Me? What did I do? I’ve been your supporter and your friend too.” Pam’s eyes were blazing now, her hair was standing on end, honest. I think she was actually vibrating. Uh oh! I think I was in trouble! I started yelling as loud as I could, “help! Help! Anu! Tip! Ariel! Any one!”

Pam laughed. “No one is coming to rescue you.” I could have begged to differ, because the clouds parted, the sky split open and there stood an angel who must have been ten feet tall at least. His hair was long and blowing in the wind, which was now warm and gentle. His eyes were deep blue and blazing. Good grief, are all angels gorgeous?

Pam whispered, “Michael”. Uh oh! He looked really angry. He wore a white tunic belted at the waist and a long blue over garment. He was holding a very long and scary sword. This was the Archangel Michael! He was the protector against lower energies. He raised his sword and pointed it at Pam. “Be gone! Back to where you came from! ” Pam’s mouth opened wide in a silent scream and she disappeared. I was afraid to ask where she went.

Michael looked at me and said, “you are safe!” He disappeared and in his place stood Ariel. She was smiling and I was so glad to see her. She held out her hand and I took it and woke up in my own bed. Ariel was gone. I just lay there. I think I was in shock! I asked myself, “what just happened?”

Just as I asked myself that question, I looked and another angel stood by my bed. Oh my gosh! Took a lot for me not to scream. “Do not be frightened, I am Jeremiel. He was wearing a deep purple robe, and of course, he was gorgeous. ” your prayers for help have been answered. You are safe and everything happened just as it was meant to.” He held his hand out and deposited a beautiful amethyst crystal in my hand. “Remember you are protected.” He disappeared.

Oh boy! I’ve got to get up and going before anymore angels appear. It’s getting to be a bit unnerving. I got Michael and Melissa ready for the day. Michael was sitting in his high chair drinking juice. I was looking in the fridge wondering if I could get away with cereal and milk this morning. I thought longingly of my coffee, bubbling away in the pot.

I turned around when I heard both kids laughing. I screamed and almost dropped the milk. My kitchen was full of angels. Archangels. The ten foot tall, with huge wings, gorgeous angels. I must have looked a fright in my tattered robe, and bed head hair. Not to mention my wide open eyes and mouth. Duh! Where was my voice?

“I am Archangel Raphael! We are here to help you with angel therapy. Give us your cares and we will take them away. Breathe deeply and do not worry about the situation you were in” Raphael had the most beautiful long curly hair, it was almost red. When I looked at him, I could feel my breathing slowing and a deep sense of calm. “I am the angel of healing.” Raphael means whom God heals. All these little tidbits just popped into my mind.

The Angel next to Raphael was Raziel. “I am here to tell you I protect your clairvoyance. Your gift encompasses clairsentience, clairaudience, and clairvoyance as well. You are blessed loved one and we are all here to tell you that we protect you. You are well known and well loved among angels. You do your best to help all those with gifts they do not understand.”

Archangel Azrael was next.. “you are a natural counselor, and you have been chosen to counsel those who find it hard to accept their gifts. You are an inspiration in the ways you use your gifts. I am here to help you, all you need to do is call on me.” Ariel stepped forward and turned to her companions and asked that they leave and give me time to digest all that I heard this day. One by one the Angels disappeared. I was left with Ariel.

“I am your guardian angel because you are blessed with the gift of speaking with animals. I love all animals and those with special gifts of communicating and caring for the littlest angels are special to me. You only have to call and I will come.” Ariel leaned forward and kissed me on the cheek. It felt like a feather brushing my cheek and it made me happy.

I finished fixing breakfast and finally got to drink my coffee. It tasted really good. I couldn’t pin the taste down. “It’s cinnamon lassie!” I almost dropped my coffee cup. Tip grinned at me. “Have you never tried cinnamon before? Face it Lassie, your coffee needs help. It’s either too weak or too strong. I knew a bit of cinnamon would perk it up.”

Tip looked at me expectantly. “It’s really good Tip. Tell me the truth, where is Pam now?” “Lassie, she is in a place where she will be at peace until the time comes when she is well again. Sorry to say she will nary be Heathers guardian angel.” Tip looked sad. I felt sad too. I know how I’d feel if I couldn’t be with my children.

“Is she back in the void Tip” “I cannot say Lassie. It’s not my place” I was horrified! “Oh no! She’s not in Hell is she?” Tip looked confused. “Hell? You mean the fiery pit with the red man with horns?” “Yes! You told me Hell doesn’t exist! I can’t believe you lied to me!” I was really upset. Tip looked aghast! “Lassie, I would never lie to you. Angels don’t lie. We are unable to lie. I was asking if that was the place you meant”

“Yes! That’s the place I meant!” Tip sighed. “Once again lassie, there is no place with fire and a man in a red suit with a pitch fork. Pam is on a different level where she is healing. She will take all the time she needs to become a guardian angel for someone else. Lassie you know our creator would never desert us in our time of need.” Tip smiled at me and vanished.

I got the kids ready for the day. Michael in his walker and Melissa behind him playing zoo train. I cleaned the house and thought about all that had transpired. At this time I just couldn’t process all that had happened that morning. I was awe struck at having so many angels here in my very own bedroom and kitchen. Certainly didn’t want it to go to my head. I did the best I could, but I knew I wasn’t everything they said I was. I just tried to help whenever I was able to.

Melissa was babbling to Michael about the Angels. She had made up a nonsense language to talk to Michael. He loved it and he loved his sister.
Michael was a happy baby. He loved everything and everyone. Melissa asked if we could have sghetti for dinner. It was her favorite food. I boiled the pasta and made the sauce. Melissa and Michael helped make the meatballs, with very clean hands. Michael chortled when he squished the meat through his chubby fingers.

When Frank arrived home the sauce with meatballs was simmering in the oven. Pasta was ready and garlic bread was on the table. The kids were clean and seated at the table. Frank was in a good mood. I was happy. I had the amethyst crystal in my pocket. I thought it was humming and giving me a lovely warm feeling. I looked at my sweet family and I was content.

Melissa was babbling away to Michael and he was laughing. Melissa looked over at Frank and said, ” Daddy there was a bunch of big angels with swords in our kitchen this morning. They came to see mama.” Oh great! Now she talked in clear sentences. Frank glared at me and I’m pretty sure I looked guilty because I felt faint.

Cats, cats and a dog.

The Kitties korner….

This is Nina Rose.. mama said I could say something this time. Mama calls me her belly dancer. I lay on a chair on my back and dance around and mama pets my belly. She says I have a beautiful belly. I do! When I’m tired I nip her hand and jump down and run around the room. Them I jump on my brother Bailey and we play fight. Makes mama laugh. Jason tries to break us up, but we run under the bed. I’m Nina Rose and I like to dance.

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Trouble go away…I’m on vacation!

I was really sad about Pam. Linda and I went to the hospital to see her. We were told that she was on life support. They let us see her because we told the doctor we were her sisters. She was a beautiful blonde ice queen lying so still hooked up to a ventilator. Linda had tears in her eyes, “she looks as if she is going to open her eyes and tear that thing out of her mouth any second.” “If only.” I was feeling kind of guilty.

“I wish I could have looked around for her and brought her back. It was black and I couldn’t see anything.” “You can’t blame yourself. If she hadn’t walked into your dream uninvited, it wouldn’t have happened. ” “I know you are right, it’s just such a waste!” I was crying now, and Linda hustled me out and home. There was nothing we could do to help her. I was really tired and fell asleep quickly that night.

I was dreaming. I was in an unfamiliar place. The grass was a lovely blue green, there were pretty flowers in blue, green and yellow shades. There were huge boulders some shaped for sitting. I had no idea where I was. I sat down on one of the boulders that turned out to be surprisingly comfortable. I was puzzled.

There was no sign of life anywhere. No birds or animals. The sky was blue, no clouds. Suddenly Pam appeared right in front of me, out of thin air. I jumped up and threw my arms around her. “Pam, it’s so good to see you! You look wonderful!”

Pam laughed, “I feel wonderful too and I’m sane. Tip told me you are feeling guilty about not being able to find me in the void. It was pitch black, no light, no sound. There was no way you could find me.” “It just seems like I should have been able to do something. Maybe scrabble around until I grabbed on to you, and take you out with me.”

“That would have been great, except for one thing. I was where I needed to be. I was lost in my own mind and my own fears. My life played through my mind like a movie. I saw it all and reflected on all of my mistakes, my lies, and the people I had hurt. I don’t know how long I was floating there. I realized that Paul having an affair was partly my doing because after I found out I was pregnant, I shut him out and pushed him away.”

“Pam, are you going back to your body? “No, I’m not, it’s too late. I am going to be Heathers guardian angel and I will guide her until she grows up. I just wanted to let you know that I don’t blame you and you shouldn’t feel guilty. I’m finally at peace and I’m happy.” Pam hugged me and with a big smile she disappeared.

I looked around for her, but she was gone and a feeling of peace washed over me. I woke up and Melissa was in bed with me talking and laughing with Pearl. I got up and started my day and I was actually pretty happy for once. I knew Pam was happy and my guilt was gone. She would look after Heather until she was grown.

Life was pretty quiet. I was enjoying the respite. Before I knew it, it was November and time again for Thanksgiving. Michael was nine months old and Melissa would be 5 in December. Michael was crawling, and he liked the walker, but preferred to crawl. He was a happy boy and he adored his big sister. She was very good with him too. Melissa played with Michael for hours.

I was glad they got along so well. Frank and I weren’t getting along. He was drinking more and smoking more pot. There were times when I was afraid to talk to him because he seemed to be in a perpetual bad mood. I didn’t know if it was because of work or what. The kids from across the street were coming over more often to “party”. Frank’s words. My complaints fell on deaf ears.

I kept the kids and the kitties separated from them as much as possible. I did love Frank, and I knew he had a lot of problems when he was a kid and a young adult. He had to give his mother pain injections because she couldn’t hold the needle. She had cancer. He came home from school every day to do this. He came home one day to find his mother dead from an overdose. She had found the medicine and she swallowed it. He was 9.

Frank had bulbar polio when he was 10. Right before they found the cure. You either lived or died. He lived. He was left with a speech impediment. At that time it was thought to be contagious. The only child who would come near him was John. They remained lifelong friends. John smoked pot, but didn’t drink. He was a good guy. Out of all of Frank’s friends, I liked him.

John was not married and was in town, so we invited him for Thanksgiving dinner. He was a good cook, so he made the traditional sweet potatoes with brandy and cherries. He made regular candied potatoes for the kids. I was happy. Melissa was playing with Michael in my bedroom. All the kitties were helping to entertain the kids so mom could cook.

I heard gales of laughter coming from both kids. I went in and asked Melissa to read a story to Michael because it was his naptime. She said she would read him her zoo book. Neither one of them ever got tired of that book. Melissa loved to act out the animal sounds and she was teaching Michael how to roar like a lion.

I was setting the table when the bedroom door opened and the zoo train came out to parade around the house. Michael was in his walker with Melissa behind him pushing him along and pearl was trotting along behind Melissa. The other kitties in a long line behind each other. It was really quite impressive. They marched into the living room. Michael doing his best to roar, and Melissa making chimpanzee sounds.

I really wished I had a movie camera. The look on John’s face was priceless. His mouth was wide open and his eyes too. It was funny. He asked me, “How did you get those cats to walk single file, it’s almost as if they understand they are walking in a zoo parade.” “Well, John, Melissa is really good at training cats.” I smiled at him. He turned to give me a penetrating look. “I have always been under the impression that cats can’t be trained like dogs. They aren’t smart enough!” Uh oh! Clemmie turned around with fire in her eyes. I grabbed her before she could do any damage.

“I don’t know where you got that idea John, but cats are very smart. Let me get this zoo parade back to the bedroom, change the lions diaper, and wash the chimp and lions paws and we will be ready to eat” I smiled and took Clemmie into the bedroom and got every one else in and we were ready for dinner.

John said Grace and Michael had his first table food. I cut the turkey into tiny pieces and he loved that and his mashed potatoes and gravy. He threw the green beans on the floor and for the first time he enjoyed milk from a sippy cup. He was having a great time. Melissa gestured for me to listen to her. She whispered in my ear, “mom Tip is here.” I almost choked on my mashed potatoes. I looked around the table and there was a chair on the other side of Melissa.

Tip was sitting in it and eating from a plate of food that was in front of him. I looked at Frank and John, They were talking and didn’t seem to notice Tip. I looked at Tip and finally caught his attention. I must have looked like a wild eyed maniac because Frank looked at me and asked me what was wrong. “Nothing honey, just checking that everyone is enjoying their food.” John smiled and said it was the best food he ever ate at Thanksgiving.

I was puzzled, but glad that no one but me and the kids saw Tip. I was seriously considering doing bodily harm to the Irish hooligan. He sat there unconcerned, eating turkey and mashed potatoes. He made a face at Michael and threw his green beans on the floor. This delighted Michael no end and he laughed so hard his face turned beet red. I was seriously afraid he would choke.

I made a big threatening face at Tip. Finally it was time for hot apple pie with ice cream. Both kids were exhausted. I cleaned them up and put them to bed. Michael was weaned from breast to bottle. Bottle at nap and night time and a sippy cup most of the time
Frank and John cleaned the table off and John insisted on washing dishes and putting the food away. Bless his heart.

I sat down in the rocking chair and gave Michael his bottle. Melissa was sound asleep on my bed. Tip appeared and sat next to Melissa. “Lassie, I must say your food is really good. Did Pam talk with you?” “Thank you for the compliment, but I wish you wouldn’t just appear like that. You scared me. Yes, Pam came to me in a dream. She sounded very rational. I guess death does that to you.” “Aye, lassie, you would think so, but not for everyone I’m afraid.” Tip shook his head. Uh oh. Didn’t sound good.

“Pam is supposed to be Heather’s guardian angel until she is grown, but now Paul is going to marry the lady who’s company he was enjoying when Pam was alive.” “Do you mean the floozy he was having sex with?” I was being mean, I knew it, but I really loved to see Tip blush. Yep, there it was. Beet red. “Aye lassie. I’m not comfortable with that word. She seems to be a lovely lady and a nice person. I would hate to see anything happen to her.”

“Are you serious? I thought Pam was sane and happy to be watching over Heather, isn’t she?” ” That’s what we all thought, but even the afterlife isn’t enough for some. Ariel has enlisted the help of another archangel. Strange as it may sound even angels can have headaches. Anyway lassie, words of warning from Ariel. If you fall asleep and find yourself in a strange landscape, get out promptly.”

“Tip, Pam won’t hurt me. Why do I need to get out of the dream?” “Pam has gone rogue. I know this sounds strange, but it does happen. Be careful lassie. She’s not in her right mind at this time. Me thinks she needed more void time.” “Oh Geesh, Tip. I’m supposed to be on vacation here. I really have a hard time believing that Pam is that bad.” “Just a warning love. Ariel is beside herself. Told me to warn you.”

He was gone. I would heed his warning, even though I didn’t believe Pam was dangerous. I hoped. I was exhausted. I put Michael to bed, and left Melissa in my bed. I washed up and went to dream. Praying for good dreams. Ah yes!
I was dreaming……

Angels and more Angels…

The Kitties korner.. Guess who!! It’s me Bailey! Mama has been upset because her friend crossed the rainbow bridge. I am here to comfort mama. She said I make her smile and laugh! I don’t like to see mama sad. I offered to go outside and bring her a squirrel to play with. She didn’t like that idea. I tried to beat Jason up, but he bit me where no cat should be bit. Ever. Me and my sister Nina ran around and up and down the cat tree, but mama said we broke her bowl. I tried to entertain her. She said to just sit with her. She cried in my fur, but I didn’t mind. I love mama.

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